*The agenda below is subject to minor changes without notice.


Agenda 2021


APR. 26

12:20 pm PST

1:20 pm MST

2:20 pm CST

3:20 pm EST

4:20 pm AST


the Wonderful World of TerpeneS & THE hops latent virus/viroid

Andrew Freedman the Cannabis Sommelier & David Heldreth Panacea Plant Sciences

takes us on a journey to explore the vastness and complexities of terpenes.

More info in progress

Join us for a fun Virtual Networking


1:10 pm PST

2:10 pm MST

3:10 pm CST

4:10 pm EST

5:10 pm AST

The Growth Op

Exhibitor Spotlight


1:20 pm PST

2:20 pm MST

3:20 pm CST

4:20 pm EST

5:20 pm AST


Summit opening virtual Networking event

It's 420! Jeff Ord hosts

The Roll Call events are a great way to break the ice and meet industry professionals in a virtual world. Listen, share, collaborate like never before in this new virtual networking experience.


APR. 27

7:00 am PST

8:00 am MST

9:00 am CST

10:00 am EST

11:00 am AST


Not all micros starters come from the legacy market, yet years of growing experience stems from these veteran industry participants.


8:00 am PST

9:00 am MST

10:00 am CST

11:00 am EST

12:00 pm AST


What new industry participants can expect & the challenges of finding capital

Decorative Lighting

9:00 am PST

10:00 am MST

11:00 am CST

12:00 pm EST

1:00 pm AST

Perkin Elmer

Exhibitor Spotlight

Scientist on Computer

9:15 am PST

10:15 am MST

11:15 am CST

12:15 pm EST

1:15 pm AST

CTLS Cannabis Tracking and licensing system

How to navigate an ever-changing computer system

Modern Building

10:15 am PST

11:15 am MST

12:15 pm CST

1:15 pm EST

2:15 pm AST


Exhibitor Spotlight


10:25 am PST

11:25 am MST

12:25 pm CST

1:25 pm EST

2:25 pm AST

REAL ESTATE Requirements

Municipality approvals, commercial realtors who understand the obstacles, zoning requirements, Power and Utility companies


11:25 am PST

12:25 pm MST

1:25 pm CST

2:25 pm EST

3:25 pm AST


Exhibitor Spotlight

Herbal Tea

11:40 am PST

12:40 pm MST

1:40 pm CST

2:40 pm EST

3:40 pm AST

FACILITY opimization

how to get the most out of your facility and save big on energy and other expenses in the process.

Business Conference

12:40 pm PST

1:40 pm MST

2:40 pm CST

3:40 pm EST

4:40 pm AST

Elevated Signals

Exhibitor Spotlight

Modern Building

1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm MST

3:00 pm CST

4:00 pm EST

5:00 pm AST

Choosing the right ancillary businesses to work with

Fast Service, discounts to compete with large corporations, delivery on time, security companies, HVAC specialists


APR. 28

8:00 am PST

9:00 am MST

10:00 am CST

11:00 am EST

12:00 pm AST

batch testing & lab requirements

Pricing, microbial changes coming, e-beam & irradiation


9:00 am PST

10:00 am MST

11:00 am CST

12:00 pm EST

1:00 pm AST

A & L Canada Laboritories

Exhibitor Spotlight

Smartphone Store

9:10 am PST

10:10 am MST

11:10 am CST

12:10 pm EST

1:10 pm AST

Connecting with consumers

What are consumers spending the most money on, and what products are they looking for – now and in the future


10:10 am PST

11:10 am MST

12:10 pm CST

1:10 pm EST

2:10 pm AST

Anandia - Cultivar genotyping

Erin Miller
Director, QA

Clock Gears

10:30 am PST

11:30 am MST

12:30 pm CST

1:30 pm EST

2:30 pm AST

Enacting positive change to regulations

A chance to solicit concerns and areas where the community feels regulators have left small independents at a disadvantage and keep the dialogue going.


11:30 am PST

12:30 pm MST

1:30 pm CST

2:30 pm EST

3:30 pm AST

420 Health Growing - Topping of cannabis plants

Abstract Pesentaion


11:50 am PST

12:50 pm MST

1:50 pm CST

2:50 pm EST

3:50 pm AST

Getting your product to market

It’s not as easy as one may think and the sales channel available. Processors, B2B Sales, other cultivators, CannaMerx etc.  And thinking outside the basic supply chain while struggling with the bureaucracy, packaging

Abstract Planet

12:45 pm PST

1:45 pm MST

2:45 pm CST

3:45 pm EST

4:45 pm AST

In Craft We Trust - Genome evolution and fungi use

Chief Research Director
In Craft We Trust Inc.

Beautiful Nature

1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm MST

3:00 pm CST

4:00 pm EST

5:00 pm AST

got Licensed?

What now?

That was only the beginning, with a new HC license, what steps to take now